Hi, I'm Miguel Montaner, an illustrator living in Barcelona. I work creating images for editorial and commercial use. If any time left, I'm probably becoming obsessed with
something else
Data Visualization. Pangolin poaching. Weiqi. Kazumasa Nagai. Mokuhanga. Drawing animals. Victor Papanek. Lateral thinking. Hodgkin's lymphoma. Visual communication. Ukiyo-e. Biology. Matchboxes designs. Growing chilli plants. Avoiding being obsessive. Tsumegos. Magical realism literature. Vladimir Levedev. Bhut Jolokia. Collecting beer caps. Color psicology. Ukelele chores. Avoiding being obsessive. Visual persuasion. Oolong teas. Theories of the creativity. Japanese graphics. Learning writing skills. Cycle tourism. Psychology of color. Crafting beer. Visual illusions. Mountain hiking. Polish posters. Bicycles. Foreign cuisines.
I send a quarterly newsletter with the latest updates on my work and projects. However, if you still prefer to depend on likes, shares and trendy algorithms, I'm also on Twitter and Instagram.
Selected clients
The New York Times, Time Magazine, M&C Saatchi, The Washington Post, SHOP Magazine, Transport For London, DeAgostini Italia, The Boston Globe, WIRED, Venmo, Adweek, Computer Arts, Emirates, Financial Times, General Electric, HSBC, Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review, Royal Academy of Arts, among others.
2019 Communication Arts, Laus Bronce, American Illustration 38, 3x3 Annual no.16 2018 3×3 Annual no.15, Applied Arts Awards, iJungle Awards 2017 Arte Laguna Prize (Biennale of Venezia), American Illustration 36, Applied Arts Awards, 3×3 Annual no.14 2016 American Illustration 35, 3×3 Annual no.13, Creative Quarterly 43 and 46 2015 American Illustration 34, Applied Arts Award, 3×3 Annual no.12, Creative Quarterly 39 2014 Communication Arts, American Illustration 33, 3×3 Annual no.11 2013 Creative Quarterly 33, Prosperity Illustrated Contest