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I often find ideas that are finally not used, both during the creative process of an assignment and when catching those flashing concepts that cross my mind.
I've decided to avoid leaving them forgotten so I'm finishing them and bringing these illustrations to light. Maybe you are looking for the same solutions that I've already found.

All the illustrations appearing in the Store are ready to be used. If you are interested in an illustration outside the Store feel free to contact me.

For everything else, here are the most common doubts about the licensing process.

About the illustrations

1. In what format will I get the illustration?

The illustrations will be sent in JPG, but can be exported to the most common formats.

2. Can I change the size of the illustration?

They are all vector illustrations. Therefore, they can be scaled to match your requirements.

3. What color model is used in the illustration?

The color model of the illustration will depend on its final use (print/digital). Anyway, RGB and CMYK models are available.

4. Can I make changes on the original illustration?

Yes, it is possible to make changes such as color or image proportion tweaks. However, these changes may be subject to extra charges.

5. Can I use an illustration of another section?

Yes. All the illustrations shown on my website might be available to use, apart from the ones in the Store. They have been created at the request of a client, but in some cases, the contracts have expired and I own its usage rights. If you are interested in any of my illustrations, please don't hesitate to ask for it.

About the contract

1. What kind of contract will we have?

It will be a licensing contract in which will clearly appear the usage specifications that we have agreed beforehand and will allow you to legally use the illustration.

2. How will I receive the contract?

The contract will be sent by after the acceptance of the budget. The signed contract will be required in order to proceed with the illustration delivery.

3. Is the illustration subject to an exclusive use?

The contract includes the use of the illustration in exclusivity, nobody can use it while you own the usage rights.

4. Can I extend the contract?

Of course, it is possible to extend the contract duration. One week before the contract expiration I'll contact you regarding this matter.

5. What happen if I want to use an illustration that is currently used by another client?

The client that currently owns the rights has priority over it and can extend the contract duration. The illustration will be ready to be used by you once the current contract expires.
Other queries
If you haven't found the answer to your question, I’d appreciate you send me an email asking it. Many thanks!

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