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Miguel Montaner was born in Barcelona in 1988 and has been developing his work internationally since 2010 regularly contributing with press and other fields of illustration such as advertising and independent projects.

He conceive illustration as a means of communication. The conceptual value and its transmission is his main goal. This fact has led him to a synthetic and bold style that uses flat and soft shapes filled with deep, rich colors in order to create illustrations where the symbolism and the visual rhetoric lead the reader down to the hidden idea that each illustration keeps.

For him each commission is a new challenge with which enjoy, and Miguel is eagerly awaiting for yours.

2014 – Winner of Communication Arts 2014
2014 – Chosen in American Illustration 33
2014 – Distinguished Merit in 3×3
2014 – Merit in 3×3
2014 – Honorable Mention in 3×3
2013 – Selected in CQ33 Professional Illustration
2013 – Selected in CQ33 Professional Illustration
2013 – Selected background artist in WeTransfer website
2013 – Winner of Prosperity Illustration contest

He has worked for many clients as Emirates, MC&Saatchi, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Boston Globe, Harvard Business Review, Transport for London, Lloyds, General Electric France, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Fast Company, Adweek Magazine, Sunday Publishing, MIT Technology Review and Panasonic among many others.

2014 – Brandning Annual of Computer Arts / Press
2014 – Illuk Lab / Interview
2013 – 100% Ilustración / Press
2013 – Illustration Served / Press
2013 – Questioning Creatives / Interview
2013 – Juxtapoz Magazine / Press
2013 – Ape on the Moon / Press
2013 – Mutant Space / Press
2010 – Indexbook Selected I National
2010 – Indexbook Selected A International




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